Visit report PUMS, Kenganaickenpalayam – reg

Hi All,

Hope you all doing well.

I have visited the Kenganaickenpalayam Middle school last Monday. The newly appointed HM Mrs.Kaleeswari is also very cooperative. Our computer centre is properly utilized for the students and it is well maintained. Even 1st standard students are trained in computer classes. The higher classes are inducted to the classes in regular basis mostly the session will be in post lunch for higher classes. And the India Sudar magazines are received properly and the students are studying in library itself or taking it to their home for detailed studying and returning it back, based on their requirements.

There are three main requirements are :

1) We have been giving salary to a teacher who is taking regular classes. Currently she quited the job, they need to deploy one teacher for that vacancy, so salary support needed for the same.

2) Three CPU’s being given to them, they are awaiting for the remaining parts.

3)They don’t have sufficient water storage tanks, due to water scarcity it becoming very worse to fulfil their needs, so they are requesting for 1000ltr water tank..

The students are very enthusiastic and eager to learn as much as possible. Interaction with 6th standard students helps me to remember my middle scool science.


Best regards,


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