Academic Assessment – R. Pitchaimani- B.E (ECE) – III Yr-Sixth Semester

Dear all,

I am submitting the academic progress report (VI Semester) of Mr. R.Pitchaimani IV Yr B.E.(ECE) who is being supported by India Sudar during 2018-19 academic year.

Course / Institution B.E (ECE)

Government College of Engineering Bodinayakkanur, Theni – 625 582

Semester No. VI
Subject-wise Grade Grade Result
EC6601 VLSI Design B Pass
EC6602 Antenna and Wave Propagation B Pass
EC6001 Medical Electronics C Pass
CS6303 Computer Architecture E Pass
CS6551 Computer Networks C Pass
MG6851 Principles of Management C Pass
EC6611 Computer Networks Lab S Pass
EC6512 Communication System Lab S Pass
GE6674 Communication and Soft Skills Lab A Pass
Percentage/GPA 7.67 / 10

Thanks to all our members for their continuous support


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