KA: Visit – Elementary school , Alambadi village, Karnataka

Dear All,

Date of visit: 13th April 2019

Visit by : Hari Kishore and Balamanikandan K

Purpose: To visit the elementary school , Alambadi village, Karnataka and asses the need.

No. of students at present: 42 ( 1st std to 5th std) – Next year it will be around 52
No. of teachers: Nil , Only one staff (school HM) to manage everything.


This village is located near Hogenakkal, in river shore and comes under forest dept. / tribal area. There is no bus facility and electricity facility. Students once they pass 5th std, there is no access for next level. i.e. 6th std. School HM takes initiatives and counsel the parents and guiding them to admit the kids in govt hostels which are located 50 km away from the location for 6th std. School HM comes to school be two wheeler since there is no bus facility. Parents get support from govt. departments for their food and other needs. Fishing is the primary job of parents.

Support from other organisations:

School HM took initiative and approached the organisation named OSAAT for class room construction. The class rooms are being constructed.

Another NGO has provided solar panel and also stationery.

Considering the location and background of the school, India Sudar has decided to

1. Deploy a teacher so that he can handle 2 classes and also take care of kids whenever school HM goes for training / meetings.
Yearly Requirement: Rs. 84,000

2. To subscribe magazines to increase the reading habits
Yearly Requirement: Rs. 5,000

3. To conduct / facilitate sports events, competitions and encourage them
Yearly Requirement: Rs. 8,000

Photos at https://photos.app.goo.gl/Smr8NVbZXjBctPo28

We request our members to come forward and join together and support this school. Let us do together !


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