IS Onsite Schools 10th and 12th Result

Dear Members,

We are pleased to submit overall pass percentage of our onsite schools for your kind reference.

S.No. Onsite School Name 10th Std 12th Std
1 GHSS, Velliyankadu, Coimbatore 100% 100%
2 GHSS, Renganathampettai, Karur 98% 100%
3 GHSS, Melanikuzhi, Ayyalur 89.3% 95.4% (Last Year 78%)
4 GBHSS, Kurinjipadi, Cuddalore Dt 100% 54.7% (Last Year 51%)
5 GHSS, Karunguzhi, Cuddalore Dt 100% 81%
6 GHS, Mettukuppam, Cuddalore Dt 98.2%
7 SSVHSS, Mathapattanam, Tirunelveli Dt 98.8% 100%

It’s really great achievements because of school teachers, IS teachers and members continuous support.

Thanks Regards

S Muthu kavin


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