IS-KA – Govt. School Teacher Requirement

Dear All,

Subject: Requirement for one Pre-Primary school teacher for Govt. School Polenhally, Madhugiri

Problem: School is running from 1st to 7th classes. There are few new private schools which are coming in near by area and most of the students are migrating to private schools.

Work done so far: To reduce the migration, we have improved the infrastructure of the govt school with the help of WIER company. Below are the development works which are completed now.

1. School Building Paint
2. Construction of Toilet
3. Water Filter
4. School Uniform and Shoes
5. Notebooks
6.. Drawing on the wall.

Requirement: School head master has committed to improve the quality as well as committed to increase the intake. Regarding the same along the other teachers, they are going around the village and creating awareness and benefits of the Govt school facilities and giving assurance of the good education commitment from teachers and also upgraded infrastructure is also helping in convincing the parents.

As committed to increase the intake, Head master have achieved a around 25 new admissions to the schools in Kinder Garden (pre-primary)

To run the pee-primary class, one teacher is required and Govt. is not funding. Hence, from India Sudar we will pay the teacher salary of Rs 5,500 per month for 1 year (2019-2020) (66,000 for 12 months) and we will renew next year based on the performance.

Teacher is identified, (belongs to same village) and i have spoken to her and she will continue in the school.

We need to pay the Teacher salary. Requesting your support for paying teachers salary in Full/Partial.

Attached are before and after photos of the School.


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