Visit Report to PUMS Govt School Kenganaickenpalayam – reg

Dear All,

I have visited the Govt Middle school Kenganaickepalayam, Tirupur – Dt.

1) Computer Centre :
From 1st to 8th Standards students are getting benefitted through this program. Weekly three classes are conducted for 6th to 8th students.

Courses taken : Basics of Computer, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Paint.

Remaining students during the computer class are engaged in reading INDIA SUDAR magazines. Library also available in the same room so students also having the opportunities to read the library books too.

For your reference I have attached the Photos.

2) SEBLA Program :
Through SEBLA program students getting a great platform to learn about the fundamentals of science.
Our science teacher Dinesh have done approximately 100 science experiments during his classes.

I had an interaction with 8th standard students and discussed about the computer classes and science experiments. Students are showing keen interest to learn the science practically.

With the help of Helping Minds a shutter has been built to divide two classrooms. If they need to conduct any joint program for all classes they are opening the shutter and making room for all students. Recently our IndiaSudar org conducted one Environmental awareness program.

Very soon they are planning to conduct Annual Day and they invited us all.


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