TN: Project reports-Education Stationeries-SEBLA Question Paper and Certificate

Dear All,

India Sudar has provided financial assistance to following requirements,

1. Design and printing of participation certificates to encourage students who actively participate in science exhibition conducted in school level.

No of beneficiaries: 1100 Students

Project Cost: Rs. 5500

2. Printed assessment question papers to evaluate science knowledge of the students studying in Panjayat union and Govt. schools of Karur and Tirupur District. Quantity 6200 question papers.

No of beneficiaries: 6200 Students

Project Cost: Rs. 14690

Our sincere thanks to our members and teachers to providing continuous support.

Please find the attached project reports.

Thanks & Regards

S Muthu kavin

project_report_TN_ 2.353_2018_19.pdf

project_report_TN_ 2.364_2018_19.pdf

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