School Library Magazine Subscriptions for Academic Year – 2018 – 2019

Dear All,

Hope everybody is aware of our activity towards the school library improvement program. In this regard we continue to support the schools in this educational year, to subscribe the weekly/monthly magazines for their school libraries. It’s my pleasure to thank all our donors ( Mr. Ponrajkumar.P, Mr. Sebastin Stephen ,Mr. Rajesh Kanna Janarthanan, Mr. Navaneethakannan K , Mr. Krishna Kumar ,Dr. Maheshwaran K) for their untiring efforts to implement this scheme as more effective and active one. kindly refer the attached reports for more details.

With regards,


Project report_TN_6.45_2018_19.pdf

Project report_TN_6.46_2018_19.pdf

Project report_TN_6.49_2018_19.pdf

Project report_TN_6.47_2018_19 .pdf

Project report_TN_6.48_2018_19.pdf

Project report_TN_6.50_2018_19.pdf

Project report_TN_6.51_2018_19.pdf

Project report_TN_6.52_2018_19.pdf

Project report_TN_6.53_2018_19.pdf


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