KA-Report: Note Book Drive 2018

Dear All,

Last week (4th and 11th Aug 2018) we distributed note books to Govt School Students in Gowribidbur, Madhugiri and Electronics City Area. All the note books were sponsored by Synopsys Company and Future india Trust.

This notebook drive happened with in a weeks time, hence could not inform early.. Next year we will plan it well ahead, please let me know if any one interested in volunteering, so that i can remind well ahead.

Next month we are planning to have motivation talks, career guidance, value based education & life skills session in all the rural Govt schools. Please let me know if any one interested in participating in sessions on above topics…. we can plan.

Distributions photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/TGSLN8dJRrVRQpbo6

Here, is the report of the Note Book Drive 2018 (NBD-2018)..

Number of students reached 8,077
Number of notebooks distributed 57,526
Number of villages covered 53

Below are the total number of villages covered:

E-City 21
Gowribidanur Taluk 29
Orphanage 3
Grand Total 53

Below is the Class wise list of number of students received notebooks:

1st Std 2nd Std 3rd Std 4th Std 5th Std 6th Std 7th Std 8th Std 9th Std 10th Std Total
E-City 421 438 503 538 536 628 598 486 271 179 4598
Gowribidanur Taluk 198 160 214 228 282 305 327 558 598 499 3369
Orphanage 0 0 42 0 0 0 0 0 0 68 110
Grand Total 619 598 759 766 818 933 925 1044 869 746 8,077

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