Success Story: M.Tamizhan appointed as Office Assistant in District Consumer Court

Dear Friends

Success Stories always brings positive vibes
In 2010, Indiasudar supported Mr.M.Tamizhan from Karur for his educational needs.
After completion of studies, He supported his family through part-time jobs and besides that he improved his vocational skills like completing Typewritting (Lower and Higher) and Computer Office Automation Courses. He continuously prepared for various competitive exams too.
Through his hard work and focus, Today he got appointed as Office Assistant in District Consumer Court,Karur through merit based recruitment process.

Also he is qualified for interview in State Police personnel Selection and waiting for final result of Office Assistant in District Sessions Courts.

He had actively volunteered for many of the Indiasudar activities in the Karur and Tiruppur districts

Indiasudar family is proud of his achievement and wishes him more success in his career.

–Thanks & Regards
M Rajamadasamy M.Tech​​


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