Request for Financial Support : Rural kids to national Sports Championship

Dear All,

India Sudar have been supporting Govt ADW Primary School,Panampattu-Villupuram-605103 since 2017.
Kindly see the various efforts and initiatives done by well wishers including myself (listed in the e-mail) to improve the school. This resulted in increase in admission and as well as overall growth of kids.


Happiest/Cheerful Moment:

We came to know with most encouraging Information that 5 of our school kids are selected for "1st National Aerial Sports Championship" and
they are going to represent Tamilnadu in 8-11 years category.

We started with a small dot now it has grown to long road…..still we have miles to travel but at this moment we thought let’s take a moment to cherish our small success.

It will be really supportive if we receive support for the kids in logistic,food and sport equipment to motivate them and taking it to higher level.

Approximate charges for One Complete Kit for one kid (Shorts, T-Shirts, Gymnastic Shoes, Wet Towel, Knee Grip Band, Kit Bag, Sipper Water bottles, Stop Watch, Running Shoes) is Rs.4500.

For five Kids, we need your hands. Kindly come forward and donate as much as possible. Let’s help together to the rural kids for 1st National Aerial Sports Championship.

Various efforts and initiatives:
 Introduced Kalvi seer, graduaion day and year end awards
 Conducted Children’s day, Annual day and many national celebration
 Arranged educational tour
 Conducted more awareness session on importance of government school and teaching language.
 Introduced house uniform(sports),alternate school uniform,tie and belt.
 Conducted first ever Sports Meet-2017(Oodi Vilaiyadu-2017)
 Demolished more than 50 years old school building on the guidance of "Chief Minister Cell"
 Prepared small ground which can be used for Kabadi,Kho-kho,Throw ball and Celebration arena(Multi purpose ground)
 Introduced one of the traditional martial art of Tamilnadu "Mallar Kambam" and Rope Mallarkamb on the occasion of pongal celebration.
 Completed the academic year with 89th Annual day and 2nd Graduation day,Awards and Mallarkamb stage performance.
 School compound fencing
 Electrical Work
 Smart Class room arrangement (Still in progress)
 Organic garden
 9 kids from our school participated in "35th State level mallarkamb residential summer camp"(30 days).

Truthfully & Honestly
Senthamizh Anbu,
Member , India Sudar,

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