Let’s think different – one Individual to overall development –Your attention and Support is NEED OF THE H OUR

Dear all,

Our heartfelt thanks to our members for the continuous and unstinted contribution to the India Sudar’s noble cause.

Currently, we have a whole lot of corporates and individuals who contribute generously towards infrastructure, stationeries, lab materials, books, scholarships to the students (which are physically visible). This would be a good time to think differently and we being in a better position to think intellectually, it would be nice to help in the overall development of the Institute and individual.

We are happy to inform you that your contributions help in taking care of teachers’ training, awareness programs, books, stationery, uniform, shoes, library books, audio and video aids, art and craft materials, sports items, maintenance of school premises, payment of teachers’ salaries, distribution of prizes to meritorious students, tree plantation drives, etc.

Further, your timely contribution results in overall development of a child and ensures he/she gets to have good things throughout the year. India Sudar hereby requests you for your continued contribution to make things happen together for a better future of every child.

Hope everyone aware about the magazine subscribed by us for our onsite schools.

We are in a plan to subscribe the magazines based on the feedback and overwhelmed co-operation/response from the school students and teachers.

All these magazines are reaching the respective schools directly and students are utilizing these magazines to study and make them self aware about the current affairs and general knowledge, even in some schools teachers are utilizing these magazines to teach lessons. Since the library and subscribed magazines are utilized properly we are extending our support for all these schools in the upcoming academic year – 2018-2019 also.

In this regard, we are inviting all our volunteers and members to contribute in this wonderful action.

Total fund requirement – 31860 ( Rs.3186 * 10 Schools). So far we received support for two schools.

Let us take an example:

Rs.3186 helps 250 students of a school to read magazines throughout the year.

Even if 150 students read regularly, atlesat 25 of them would cultivate the habit of reading and all of us are aware that this would result in adding intelligent individuals to the society in the long run.

I request all our members to come forward in this regard. They can contribute for one school, even partially is welcomed "Little drops of water makes the mighty ocean".

India sudar sincerely appreciates our volunteers Mr. Harishankar.B and Muthukavin for taking care of Library and magazines subscription.

List of magazines for 2018-2019

Chutti Vikatan-Tamil- one subscription
Gokulam (Tamil)-one subscription
Gokulam (English)- one subscription
Magic pot (English)- 2 subscriptions
Highlights Genies –English- one subscription
Thulir (Tamil science magazine) -2 subscriptions
PUTHIYATHALAIMURAI KALVI (kalvi alone- career guidance)- one subscription
Namadhu nambikkai tamil (self confidence) – one subscription
Pothu Arivu Ulagam (GK, Current affairs for competitive exams)- one subscription

India Sudar
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