100% results in plus Two- Govt Hr Sec school, Renganathampettai, Karur Dt,TN

Dear All,

India Sudar and our partner organisations Dream India and Helping Minds have been supporting Govt. Hr.Sec School, Renganathampettai, Karur Dt since 2008..

Every year, this is the one and only govt. school from Karur Dt to secure 100% results in higher secondary.

The school has achieved 100% results this year too.

No of students : 48
First Mark: 1066/1200
Second Mark: 1026/1200

Congratulations to the teachers and students !

Special Thanks to teachers for the team work and contributing after school hours even on Sundays.

India Sudar and Dream India have deployed a teacher to handle computer science subjects.

No of students appeared: 38
No of students qualified: 38

First mark in the subject: 180/200.

Our teacher deployment project is one the major reasons for 100% results every year.

Helping Minds Trust provided necessary support for the better infrastructure : Library, Water tank, water purifier etc..

Thanks to one and all for the continuous support!

There is nothing too difficult to (be attained by) those who, before they act, reflect well themselves, and thoroughly consider (the matter) with chosen friends.

தெரிந்த இனத்தொடு தேர்ந்தெண்ணிச் செய்வார்க்கு
அரும்பொருள் யாதொன்றும் இல்.

தெளிந்து தேர்ந்த நண்பர்களுடன், சேர்ந்து, ஆற்ற வேண்டிய செயலை ஆராய்ந்து, தாமும் நன்கு சிந்தித்துச் செய்தால் ஆகாதது ஒன்றுமில்லை…

– Thirukural


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