TN Project report – Annual Day prizes and site visit report -PUMS Periyailliam, Tirupur Dt

Dear All,

Our onsite school – Panchayath Union Middle School, Periyailliam,Kangeyam Block, Tirupur Dt celebrated school annual day 2018 on 16th Feb 2018 at school premises.

Audio systems , stage arrangement , Pandal (stall) arrangement were taken care by parents. India Sudar provided Prizes to motivate best performers (in sports, academic, arts etc) studying 1st std – 8th std in this school. I attended this program and also inspected the school to understand the needs. students performed well and the talents need to be appreciated.

Prizes: Writing Pad, Lunch bags and certificate folders

No of beneficiary: 54 students

Project cost: Rs. 7690

For more details, please refer the attached project report. We thank our members for the continuous support. We sincerely appreciate the efforts of school teachers and parents community in improving the school.

Site Visit Report:

Photos at

1. Library is properly utilised. I collected the feedback about the magazines

2. Computers are in working condition. Our India Sudar teacher takes care of computer lab and doing well.

3. Spoken English project is going well,. But needs improvement. It will be taken care in next year.

4. Water sump was constructed by our partner organisation " Helping Minds" . It helps the school a lot. Now no water shortage.

5. Toilets are Ok. Regular cleaning is happening.

India sudar will keep supporting the Teacher deployment, Library and spoken English project.

project_report_TN_ 2.345_2017_18.pdf

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