Site Visit: PUMS Kenganaickenpalayam, Tirupur Dt,TN- progress and requirement

Dear All,

Date of visit: 16th Feb 2018

Place of visit: Panchayath Union Middle School, Kenganaickenpalayam, Tirupur Dt,TN

This school has been supported by India Sudar since 2010. We have deployed a teacher to handle computer subject, Library set up and magazine subscription, Financial support to the alumni of this school for their higher studies, Toilet cleaning etc. Also, infrastructure support ( blackboard painting, toilet construction, computers etc ) by our partner organisations based on our request.

I visited this school and interacted with students and teachers to understand the needs and progress.

Photos at:

1. Teacher deployment:

Good progress. All the classes get benefited by our teacher. Students have shown the work done by them in Computers. Computers are in good working condition with individual UPSs provided by Indiasudar and Our Partner organization-Helping Minds Trust.

This project will be supported in next year too.

2. Library utilisation:

Good. Magazines are utilised well. I enjoyed the creativity of students which are the outcome of the ideas given in the magazines. Magic Pot English magazines are very helpful to students. English Teacher teaches English with Magic Pot activities.

This project will be supported in next year too.

3. Toilet cleaning : Now it is taken care by Govt.. No support is required now.

4. Computers and UPS:

All are in good condition. Better utilised. No support is required now.

5. Tree Plantation:

Tree plantation and with tree guard was provided by India Sudar 2 years ago.
Excellent Progress. Happy to say that we are able to contribute for the good health of our earth.

Major Requirements:

a. Requirement of projector -School does not have projector- required for audio visual class room. ALL the teachers requested us to support.

b. Toilet to be repaired

c. One class room to be constructed

d. Flooring to be corrected in 2 class rooms. Class room floor has lot of pits. Not in proper condition.

e. Iron made shutter is required to bifurcate two class rooms..

Above requirements will be forwarded to our partner organization to consider and fulfill the needs.

Our sincere thanks to everyone of you for your regular support. The school conveyed their thanks to all our members.

Let us do Good !!!

Balamanikandan K


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