Project report- Material purchase – science teaching 2017-2018

Dear All,

India Sudar purchased demonstration materials ( candles, balloons, glasses, mirror, thread, bottles, paper roll, funnel, beakers, litmus, test tubes, lab solvent, conical flask, salt, straw, matchbox, soap, chemicals etc) under Science Experimental Based Learning and Awareness (SEBLA) project for teaching students studying in Govt and Panchayath schools of Karur Dt and Thirupur Dt for the academic year 2017-18.

Total Project cost: Rs. 15,000 ( for both the districts for the complete year 2017-18)

No of beneficiary: 6700 students studying in Govt and Panchayath union schools located in bot the districts. (71 schools)

Please refer the attached project reports for more details.

Thank You Very much for your kind support.
We are able to do the needful because of your regular contributions.


project_report_TN_ 2.335_2017_18.pdf
project_report_TN_ 2.336_2017_18.pdf

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