Success story: Headmistress of our onsite school received Best Teacher award

Dear All,

We have been supporting our onsite school Panchayath Union Middle school, Periyailliam, Kangeyam, Thirupur Dt, TN for the past 4 years.

We have deployed Teacher for computer subject , Library and library infrastructure and books and magazines, annual day prizes, best outgoing student awards etc.

Our partner org Helping Minds Trust has constructed a water sump to store water to avoid water scarcity.

The efforts and attitude of Headmistress of this school Mrs. AnguLakshmi in improving the quality of education in this school (though the school is located interior and population is low) is appreciated by state government. She has received BEST TEACHER AWARD yesterday from Ms. Girija Vaidyanathan IAS, the Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu Government.

continuous increase in students strength in this school is another witness for her contributions to the school.

Let us congratulate her and salute for award !

Please find the attached file- Pamphlet of the school

Periya Illiam brochure – print.pdf


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