Please help us- Follow the process once you donate -Kind request

Dear All

India Sudar submits sincere thanks to everyone of you for your contribution.

Members donate India Sudar on a regular basis or against specific projects or based on their own interest.

We will appreciate if you could follow the process once you donate.

1. Visit :
2. Click " Donate" .. please press " Click me to submit INR donation detail"
3. Enter your details: Member code , name , amount , date and then submit.

worst-case , if you are not able to follow the above steps, please send an e-mail to admin

This simple process will help us to send 80G , prepare account sheets properly.

We appreciate your cooperation.


India Sudar
Balamanikandan K | (m) +91-97391-75123
Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education



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