2 students from our onsite got complete free education @ VIT

Dear All,

It is a great pleasure to share the following news.

The following students from our onsites have got FREE seat (No fee for hostel and college) to pursue B.Tech @ VIT (Vellore Institute of Technology).

VIT supports meritorious students from Govt schools every year.

1. R VINITHA 1141/1200 MARKS from Govt Hr Sec School,Renganathampettai, Karur Dt

2. G PADMAPRIYA 1149/1200 marks from Govt Hr Sec School, Velliyankadu, Coimbatore Dt

Congratulations to the students and our appreciations to the school teachers who are behind this achievement.

Indiasudar’s continuous support enhances the school environment gradually and indirectly motivates the teachers to contribute more.

Hats off to our members who support them in all the possible ways.

Best Regards,


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