Many thanks to India sudar from P.U.M school periyailliyam.

Good Morning Sir/Madam,

It’s giving immense pleasure to us while writing this mail to India sudar.

India sudar is supporting our school ( Panchayat Union Middle School, Periyailliyam, Kangayam taluk ) for the past four years to develop the school library facility, subscription towards weekly/monthly magazines, price distribution on annual day function, English and computer teacher’s deployment, SEBLA project and support towards the improvement of school infrastructure facilities.

All these supports are helping us a lot and enabling us to improve the quality of education. Especially after the renovation of our school library, students are very much keen and interested to read the books. Some of the students who grownup in the town environment might be exposed to library activities, since the school is located in the rural area students are not exposed very much to read books, magazines and newspapers. Its surprise to say that some of the slow learners are attracted very much when the teachers are using some of the magazines as teaching utilities and they grasp the concepts easily. In specific “Magic pot” and “Chutti vikadan” are much familiarized among the students, and they are eagerly waiting for the next week/month issue. They are enjoying very much while colouring and working on the activities mentioned in these magazines. Even some of our staff members are getting some new ideas while reading these magazines and we continued to make use of these magazines while teaching. Some of our students belongs to primary classes are attracted by this magazines and the activity work mentioned in it, we hope that will improve their creativity skills. Career opportunity pages in the pudhiya thalaimurai is helpful for them and they are coming to know what are all the opportunities other than engineering and medicine. We the students and teachers of P.U.M School Periyailliyam are obliged very much to India sudar and thank you very much for your support. We hope that you will extend your support in the upcoming years also.

On behalf of students and Teachers,



P.U.M. School, Periyailliyam.

Kangayam taluk.


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