hats off to our active volunteers….from teaching to fund raising…our sincere appreciation to…..

"Volunteers are not paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless"

Dear All,

Indiasudar is proud to appreciate the volunteers who have taken responsibilities in reaching the unreached.

1. Ms Poongodi Udayakumar -Member Code 1014

For downloading science videos for training teachers , collecting books for library

2. Mr. Shaji Kalidasan– -Member Code 384

For taking up news letter activity from April 2017 onwards

3. Mr. Elango R – -Member Code 1040

For taking English classes to job seekers and interested in teaching kids during weekends in and around chennai

4. Mr. Jayakumar.L –Member Code 1391

For taking care of computer centre, Melappedu, uploading project reports in IS website, image design etc

5. Mr. Ram kumar.P – –Member Code 938

For taking care of maintenance of signed project reports

6. Mr. Ravichandran K —Member Code 1893

For taking care of member data base and yahoo group addition

7. Mr. Sebastin Stephen – Member code -1483

For regular support and suggestions on library magazines, tree plantation etc.

8. Ms Sathya Priya -Member code -1983

For taking care of Training the rural students on English via phone calls

9. Mr. Matthew Robert.A –Member code -577

For taking care of social media of Indiasudar

10. Mr. Harishankar.B-Member code -1312

For taking care of Library magazines to all our onsites

11. Ms Hemalatha Venkataraman -Member code -833 , Mr Sriram Srinivasan -Member code -1068 , Mr Ganesan.V -Member code 09 , Mr. Aby Mathews -Member code 1791, Mr. VenkatRam.S -Member code -47 , Mr. Prabhakar.M –Member code -186

for helping Indiasudar in fund raising on a regular basis / regular donations

12. Mr Prem Kumar.O.M. -Member code- 07

For taking care of admin expenses and helping in fund raising.

13. Ms Neena Pandey -Member code- 500

for downloading science videos and regular donations/fund raising

14. Mr. Rajamadasamy.M -Member code-375

for volunteering in educational festival , regular donations

15. Mr Tamizhan.M -Member code-1280

for carrying out transport , parcels and ensuring the delivery of items to onsites.

and members who behind the screen…………….

Let us do more together ! Indiasudar is an open platform where anyone can join and serve the society. All are welcome.

India Sudar
Balamanikandan K | (m) +91-97391-75123
Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education

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