Jai ho Indiasudar for the library

Dear all,

In villages girl children are neither habitual nor permitted to go to public libraries. So,school library is helpful for them. India sudar library is unique of its own kind in keeping specific collections catering to the needs of children and teachers.Students are getting current knowledge and visual taste by getting magazine’s in library they are exposed to various kinds of publications,issues, daily, news,letters etc.

Creativity and exchange of knowledge is supported. students are identifying like- minded people among themselves.Makes them self motivated; keeps them in proper usage of time. Brings a dream that they should also build a library like this in future. Preparation of competitive exams,referring for projects participation in cross word puzzles ,sending artistic creations,preparing for quiz and other competitions etc.

Getting advertisements about higher education courses career opportunities and call-for columns etc.

Exposed to cartoons coloring pleasures etc

Exposed to state level,national level,international level competitions,builds language skills and overall personalities development

Jai ho Indiasudar for the library.

Teacher, Govt Hr Sec School, Renganathampettai,Karur

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