Library Magazines Subscriptions for students-Finance support needed

Dear All,

We as India Sudar working together to build great libraries for students studying in govt school who are from financially downtrodden families. Every

year we do supply books for library through donations and volunteers support. This year also we require your assistance and participation to make it success.

Details below,

No. of schools : 15
No. of beneficiaries : 2500 students
No. of magazine per school : 7
Required Fund : Rs.2681 per school
Total Budget : Rs.40215

List of magazines:
Thulir Tamil
Gokulam Tamil
Puthiya thalaimurai with Kalvi
Magic pot

Chutti vikatan

We request you to support our organization through donations. We hope you will respond positively to our request. Your contributions will help students studying in Govt schools to improve their reading habits. Let us do together!

Thanks & Regards
S Muthu kavin​​

English Training Programs to Teachers – Seeking Members’ support

Dear All,

India sudar has arranged training programs to our teachers.

This is an important project. An effective training helps in improving the quality of teachers. This indirectly benefits the students at large in long run.

1. India sudar Teacher : Mr Abdul Rahman

Training program at Erode – 45 Hrs – 1 1/2 months .

Training fee: Rs.5000

No of schools get benefited: 3 (in and around Kangeyam block, Tirupur Dt)

2. India sudar Teacher : Ms. Lavanya

Training program at Erode – 45 Hrs – 1 1/2 months .

Training fee: Rs.3500

No of schools get benefited: 1 (Municipal Middle School, B.Komarapalayam)
No of students get benefited: 200 per year

3. Common Training program to all Indiasudar teachers.

Training fee: 4000 Rs.

Considering the importance of English Language to Govt school students, India Sudar requests members to come forward and sponsor the training programs.

Your great support is expected !

Your complete / Partial funding will be helpful.

Jai ho Indiasudar for the library

Dear all,

In villages girl children are neither habitual nor permitted to go to public libraries. So,school library is helpful for them. India sudar library is unique of its own kind in keeping specific collections catering to the needs of children and teachers.Students are getting current knowledge and visual taste by getting magazine’s in library they are exposed to various kinds of publications,issues, daily, news,letters etc.

Creativity and exchange of knowledge is supported. students are identifying like- minded people among themselves.Makes them self motivated; keeps them in proper usage of time. Brings a dream that they should also build a library like this in future. Preparation of competitive exams,referring for projects participation in cross word puzzles ,sending artistic creations,preparing for quiz and other competitions etc.

Getting advertisements about higher education courses career opportunities and call-for columns etc.

Exposed to cartoons coloring pleasures etc

Exposed to state level,national level,international level competitions,builds language skills and overall personalities development

Jai ho Indiasudar for the library.

Teacher, Govt Hr Sec School, Renganathampettai,Karur

about Indiasudar for noticeboards, e-mail and whatsapp

Dear All,

Printable version is available in the following link.

Indiasudar requests you to see the possibility to print the same and display them in the noticeboards wherever possible.
This will help like minded people to join India sudar and serve the needy.

Also find the attached files for e-mail and whatsapp purpose,

We thank our member Mr Sundara Kumar Padmanabhan who prepared the write up about India sudar in English.

Our thanks to our member Mr Ramkumar in preparing the write up about India sudar in Tamil.

Our special thanks to well wisher Mr Prem Ananth , Madurai who designed the colorful pamphlets.

Reg : India Sudar Account report for February 2017

Dear Friends,

We have attached India Sudar Monthly Account Sheet for the month of February 2017.

India Sudar sincerely appreciates and thank all the donors for the great continuous support.

We look forward your support to execute all our projects smoothly and help poor children to get educated.

Karthikeyan Mani
India Sudar Finance Team |​​


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