Spoken English- USA to TN Village- by Indiasudar member

Dear All,

Indiasudar member Ms Sathya Priya (Member Code: 1983),USA initiated a good project to train the students/needy from villages. The training is on SPOKEN ENGLISH.

She will call the following beneficiary during weekdays ( 8.30 pm) and interact them in English for six months. This helps the students/needy to improve their English and help them for employment.

Student SARANYA – Govt Hr Sec School, Renganathampettai,Karur
Teacher Periyasamy- Indiasudar staff-Karur

After one month, this project will be reviewed and necessary changes will be incorporated.

Indiasudar submits sincere thanks to her for her initiative and Volunteering. The platform created by Indiasudar is meant for these type of activities. Happy To Share !

Much more initiatives are welcome.


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