TN-Visit report- Melapedu,Computer centre-Thiruvallur Dt

Dear All,

Yesterday, I visited our computer centre @ Melapedu village near Pakkam-Avadi,Thiruvallur Dt.

This centre is being supported by our partner org Malar Trust Onlus.

I verified the attendance register , interacted with Mr Devaraj,Trainer of our computer centre.


1. Need 5 UPS immediately. Each costs Rs.1350
2. Need 5 CPU. Each costs Rs 7000
3. Need monitor (least priority).
4. Salary for Devaraj needs to be raised. He is a deferentially-abled person. This salary is the source of income.
5. As part of career guidance. Indiasudar has to guide Mr Devaraj to prepare of Govt exam

Venue is provided by Panchayath and EB charges are taken care by village. Every time, we provided used computers and many times systems were undergone service. During chennai flood , systems got affected. Hence new systems are necessary.

within three months, On an average 40 persons ( age group – 10 to 60) are getting benefited by this centre. Few girls got jobs also. For working people, our centre at this village helps them to enhance their computer skills.

Best Regards,


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