impact of SEBLA: Students to Teachers- Appreciation by CEO

Dear All,

Yesterday, students from our onsites were invited by Chief Educational Officer, Karur Dt to explain the science concepts with simple experimental models to the Science teachers working in Karur Dt.

No of teachers: 55 (from various Govt High schools and Hr Sec Schools)

Performance of students were appreciated well by CEO. He raised many questions and students’ also asked him and other teachers many questions.

CEO appreciated Indiasudar’s work and requested school teachers to teach science to students like Indiasudar’s SEBLA project.

5 students each from the following schools were invited.

1. govt hr sec school renganathampettai, karur dt

2. govt high school, porani, karur dt

Mrs. Shanmukavadivu, Mr Ashok , Mr Paramasivam have made the necessary arrangements.

Thanks to all the teachers of SEBLA project and headmasters of each school.

Success story: Indiasudar beneficiary now @ IIT Chennai

Dear All,

Indiasudar is proud to share the following:

We supported Mr S BALAJI to pursue his M.Sc degree (Chemistry) in the year 2011.

Then he worked @

Orchid chemicals pvt ltd,Chennai for two years.

He resigned his job and pursued Ph.D @ Anna university,Chennai with college stipend and by taking tuition classes.

Now, he has got Research Associate @ Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai With Rs 54,000 per month.

With this happy news, we thank our members for evergreen support.

Project report – Librarian deployed in Municipality Middle School, West Colony, Near Arignar Anna Mandapam, B.Komarapalayam, Tamilnadu

Hello all,

India sudar has deployed a librarian in Municipality Middle School, West Colony, Near Arignar Anna Mandapam, B.Komarapalayam, Tamilnadu for the period Oct 2016 to April 2017.

About school:
School strength: 450+ No of classes: 1st std to 8th Std. School is located in town area of Komarapalayam. Weaving is the primary job. Students’ parents are working in power loom industries. Most of the students studying in this school are from economically disadvantaged background. School has sufficient
no of teachers. Indiasudar has provided library bookshelf with doors.

Project cost: Rs.10,500(for 7 months)

Project report attached.


TN Proj Report 2016_17_TN _1.560.pdf

TN- 1 Student Fees Paid – (2016-17) – Project Reports

Dear All,

The following student got financial support for her education under education for individual from our India Sudar.

S.No. Name of Student Course & Institution Amount in Rs Donated By
1 Priya M B.L-5th Year, Govt college of law, Thirunelveli 7,800 Durga Owen (MC258)

We give our sincere thanks to donors who have supported this project and en-lighten these students life. Here I have attached respective project report for your reference.

And also we give thanks to work coordinator of this project Chandrasekar.M (1006) for his valuable time.

Thanks & Regards

S Muthu kavin​​

4.183_2016_17-Priya M1.pdf

progress update: Library @ Municipality Middle school,Komarapalayam, Namakkal Dt.

Dear All,

Indiasudar has completed the basic infrastructure support to establish a library environment @ our onsite, Municipality Middle school,Komarapalayam, Namakkal Dt.

Librarian (part time-Deployed by Indiasudar ) also joined the school.

Books are sponsored by Helping Minds.

This one time investment in converting a class room to Library (space under the loft in a class room is converted as bookshelves using kadappa stone slabs and glass doors) will help this school in long run to maintain library books in proper manner.

We hope that this Library will become model library to all schools located in this locality.

We need members’ continuous support in meeting the expenses.

Project report will be shared in my next e-mail.

Progress Update: Indiasudar sports program -On Sundays at Karur- for govt school students

Dear All,

All of you know very well that Indiasudar has started weekend free coaching for Judo and gymnastics to students from govt schools located in Karur Dt.

The program is in initial stage…slowly improvement is happening. It will get proper shape in near future.

This is the first update. Indiasudar will share the progress now and then.



Academic assessment -Priya M-B.L-4th Year.

Dear All,

Please find the academic assessment of the student Karthik Prasath M B who’s being supported by India Sudar.

Name Priya M
Institution B.L.- 4th Year, Govt college of law, Thirunelveli
Family Background Her father and mother – both are patients- Not in a position to earn money. Her brother earns 4500 Rs and gives 2000 Rs to the family. With this amount they are surviving. They

are staying in a rented house. No other property. Daily bus fare itself is a problem for her. Priya travels 55 Km daily to go to the college.

Semester No. 8
Subject-wise mark Marks Results
Interpretation of statutes 46 Pass
Land Law 50 Pass
Intenational Law 47 Pass

Thanks & Regards

S Muthu kavin

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