Project report – Provided portable mike with amplifier to assist audio visual class in Municipality Middle School, Komarapapayam, Tamilnadu

Hi all,
India sudar has Provided portable mike with amplifier to assist audio visual class to Municipality Middle School, Komarapapayam, Tamilnadu.

Project cost Rs.2519

About school: School strength: 450+.
No of classes: 1st std to 8th Std.
School is located in town area of Komarapalayam. Weaving is the
primary job. Students’ parents are working in power loom industries.
Most of the students studying in this school are from economically
disadvantaged background. School has sufficient no of teachers.

Project report is attached.

9.23_TN 2016_17 Proj Report.pdf

Project report – Librarian deployed in Govt Hr Sec School, Velliankadu, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

Hi all,
India sudar has deployed Librarian in Govt Hr Sec School, Velliankadu, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu for the period July 2016 to April 2017.

Teacher salary per month Rs.2500

Total project cost Rs. 25000

About school: School is in very deep rural area and it is located 50KM away from Coimbatore city.

India Sudar has been conducting career guidance program, motivating session etc for the past several years in this school. Indiasudar has supported teacher deployment, printer provision, monthly magazines etc in the past.

Project report is attached.

TN Proj Report 2016_17_TN _1.557.pdf

Newspaper subscription – Request for support

Dear All,

We discussed with many schools where our library project is very successful.

We came to know that Yearly subscription of the newspaper "The Hindu (Tamil)" is need of hour.

We interacted with M/s Hindu. For schools, the offer is 50%. Yearly subscription is Rs.1000 per school.

To subscribe 10 nos per year for various schools,

we need 10 x 1000 Rs =10,000 RS.

Your active involvement and contribution are welcome. You shall sponsor even one subscription per year.

Thanking You.

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