TN- 1 Student Fees Paid – (2016-17) – Project Reports

Dear All,

The following student got financial support for her education under education for individual from our India Sudar.

S.No. Name of Student Course & Institution Amount in Rs Donated By
1 Ajith kumar BE – Mechatronics, 3rd Year/6th Sem, SNS College of Technology, Coimbatore. 15,000 Dream India (P06), Sabaridurai.S(1307)

We give our sincere thanks to donors who have supported these project and en-lighten these students life. Here I have attached respective project report for your reference.

And also we give thanks to work coordinator of this project Mohanraj.K (858) for his valuable time.

Thanks & Regards

S Muthu kavin

4.217_2016_17_Ajith kumar.pdf

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