Project report – Infrastructure support to Municipality Middle School, Komarapalayam, Tamilnadu

Hi all,
India sudar has provided financial support to Convert a veranda to a store room by constructing a small wall and door. Repairing of boys toilets to ensure the proper flow of drainage.

Total project cost Rs.19200

About school: School strength: 450+.

No of classes: 1st std to 8th Std.

School is located in town area of Komarapalayam. Weaving is the
primary job. Students’ parents are working in power loom industries.
Most of the students studying in this school are from economically
disadvantaged background. School has sufficient no of teachers.

Photo: 108765194792026257127/ 6312245127329669057

Project report is attached.

9.21_TN 2016_17 Proj Report.pdf

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