IS-KA: Gedere School Visit

Dear All,

Yesterday (23-July-2016) we (Sanju Patil, Harish, Vinod & ) visited High School in Gedere, some of the high lights of the visit

1. Last year SSLC result, 54 students passed with 16 distinction, 1 student scoring 603 marks and only 4 students did not make it in the SSLC exam. This year head master is working hard to make it 100% result.
2. HM updated students are missing the note book drive.
3. All the teachers are very motivating and taking interest and initiatives to resolve the problems of school.
4. Sufficient students to teacher ratio.
5. Infosys foundation has donated few computers.
6. Few parents are not able to give the 200 Rs school fees and when asked they will make kids stop going to school. In such cases school teachers are helping.
7. We interacted with 8th, 9th and 10th students and made students to talk about school, home and surrounding problems which they are facing.
8. To this school we had provided sports kits and library 2 years back and still the materials are being used very effectively.

1. Interactive CD’s and DVD’s for Maths, Science and Languages are required. Only social and kannda they are having and running the show with only 2 subjects only. As per teachers interactive material make them to teach better.
2. Career Guidance program for 9th and 10th students.
3. Notebooks for 8th, 9th and 10th students. Students come from very poor family background and cannot even afford to buy 1 note book also… hence head master was saying that students were missing notebook drive a lot.
4. Building for labs: Its being 3 – 4 years that request is being raised with govt to construct 2 rooms for labs and class room, but no response so far, hence requesting if any thing can be done from India Sudar. However, one of the NGO has come forward to construct but still HM is following up. Augustia foundation has donated lab material worth 3 Lakhs but there is no place to keep the lab material and all are getting destroyed with out using.
5. Soft Skill Training: HM requested that they are well versed with academics, but students are lacking in the soft skills and students don’t open up at all, hence requesting to provide some soft skills materials as well as sessions. Soft skills such as personality development, time management pgms, scientific way of teaching etc.
6. No electicity in the school as its outside village and requested if some thing can be done here.
7. Library rack to keep books. But there is no room available to keep the rack due to the lack of infrastructure.

Thanks and Regards,
(Vinod S Murgod)
IS-KA Team.


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