TN project report- Tree plantation @ Two Districts-8 places

Dear All,

Indiasudar started FIRST tree plantation on 5th June 216 -Environment Day.

Plantation @

(OTN44) Govt Hr.Sec School,Renganathampettai, Karur Dt
(OTN28) Government primary school, Mayanur,Karur Dt
(OTN70) Government High School,Porani,Karur Dt.
(OTN42) Panchayat Union Middle school, Kenganayakanpalayam, Tirupur Dt
(OTN91) Panchayath Union Middle School, Periyailliam,Tirupur Dt
(OTN89) Panchayath Union Middle School, Soriyankinathupalayam
Panchamadevi Village ,Karur Dt
Middle school, Thirukumaran Nagar,Tirupur Dt.

Work CoordinatorS:

Gunasekaran (590) Ramkumar (938) Dinesh Kumar G (1332)

We thank our member Sathyapriya for her contribution towards this project.


1.Tree guard –Metal wit net provision. Nos: 100 each Rs.200 Rs.20,000
2. Tree saplings from Isha Foundation, Karur. Nos: 150 x 7 Rs Rs. 1,050
3. Transport from Karur to all the places – Both Districts Rs. 5,300
Total Rs.26,350

Please find the attached project report.

Photos for your glance:


Panchamadevi village ,Karur

Renganathampettai School,Karur

Porani school,Karur

Kenganaickenpalayam school,Tirupur

Thirukumaran nagar school,Tirupur

Periyailliam school,Tirupur

Soriyankinathupalayam school,Tirupur

project_report_TN_ 8.1_2016_17.pdf


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