TN -Project Report-Purchase of Judo mats to enhance sports activity

Dear All,

Judo is a modern martial art
. One of our onsite -GHSS,Renganathanpettai,Karur Dt has a Master/Coach for this game. We have purchased 10 Judo mats to enhance the sports education.

Continuous practice and subsequent participation in State/National level Judo game help rural students to get sports quota easily. This helps them in higher education as well as employment. Above all, Sports is part of education.

No of students get benefited: 300 approx.

No of Judo Mats purchased: 10
Cost of each mat : Rs 3105
Transport from Delhi, packing, porter charges, local transport including service tax: Rs.3889

Indiasudar requests our members to come forward and donate towards this cause and help in integrated growth of students.

Please find the attached file for more information. Photos with progress will be shared now and then.

About Onsite:

School is located 16 KMs from Karur town. This school has been

supported by Indiasudar since 2008. Indiasudar has provided library, teacher for computer science subject, librarian to this school. Students are from financially downtrodden families. This is one of best schools in Karur Dt with good progress.

project_report_TN_ 2.313_2016_17.doc


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