Visit to Udhavum Nanbargal and their progress

Hi Folks, Yesterday I visited Udhavum Nanbargal tuition centre @ Alathur, Paakkam. We are paying the tuition fee for 10 teachers in 4 centres in the nearby villages. Since they had one another program (Distributing solar lights to poor students), they didnt have tuitions yesterday. Had interacted with few students and encouraged them to complete one degree or diploma after finishing their schooling. And also conveyed that they should finish the course once started, as dropping out in between wastes our money and time which could have been used for another student.

Sarathy (who is the head of Udhavum Nanbargal) conveyed that Indiasudar’s support will be needed for only one centre from next academic year onwards (ie: for 4 teachers @ Alathur) and they can manage the remaining centres. We will decide on this once we renew the project by Jun/Jul.

Attached the mark sheet. Here is the marks equivalent to grades.
O – 90 and above
A1 – 80 to 90
A2 – 70 to 80
B1 – 60 to 70
B2 – 50 to 60
C – 40 to 50

This centre is supported by TCE_Crescendo group. While extending our gratitude to that group, thank you so much for all Indiasudar members for your continuous support.

Athi (B +ve)



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