Donation saught for buying notebooks for the flood affected

Hi folks,

Chennai is slowly coming back to normal life. Yet the damage caused by flood is enormous. We are planning to distribute books & notebooks for the flood affected students. Please donate generously for this cause before 20-Dec-2015, with a description like "IS/<Name>/<member code>/flood" and send a mail to "admin" & "yesanplz" with the subject line as "IS Donation for flood relief"

Based on the donation amount received, we will select the no of students and places and will update the group accordingly. If you want to volunteer or participate in any manner or need any clarifications, please mail me or call me (+91-94443-67946)

Note: We will use the money for flood relief, only if you notify us thru mail. Else, it will be used for our regular activities. Hope you understand.

Athi (B +ve)

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