Request for college fees for a deserved girl student

Hi folks, last week I visited student.

Student details:
Name: Anitha
Living at: Jaya nagar, Chittala paakkam, Chennai
College: Asan memorial college of arts and science
Year: 1st year
Fees: 30750 p.a

Mother: Cook, income: around 10k
Father: Coolie, income: drunkard, hence he would hardly give 1000 to 2000
Siblings: one sister studying at 10 th in a govt aided school
House: own hut around 350-400 sq ft. They had to build this small house, coz of the father’s char and issues from the neighborhood.
Loan: Paying around 6k for this house.
Help from relatives: No one is helping

She is really a deserved student. The mother says she can afford half of the fees, ie: 15350 p.a. For the first semester she had already paid the fees. We have to support from second semester onwards, which means 15000 to be paid.

If any of the members are willing to donate either fully or partially, pl reply to my personal id (yesanplz) with a cc to

My mobile no: 94443 67946

Note: Attached the images.

Sent from mobile. Please bear with typos

– Athi


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