School aims for state rank- Support needed -snacks -special coaching

Dear All,

One of our onsite Govt Hr Sec school , Velliyankadu, Coimbatore Dt is trying for state rank.

To achieve this, schools selected top 15 students for special coaching (after 5 pm). Also, school selected 15 slow learners studying in 12th std. Total : 30 students are under special care,

They need our kind support to provide snacks (Sprouts) to the students during the late hours. Already they got sponsor for September 2015 and January 2016 to March 2016.

They need 3 months support from Indiasudar.

Monthly 20 days – 30 students per day- Rs. 200 x 20 =4000 Rs per month

SO for 3 months, 12,000 Rs is required.

It is a open invitation to our members to come forward and fulfill this requirement.

Details about this school is available in the attached file.


Govt Hr Sec school,Velliyankadu,Coimbatore Dt:

100% result – FIRST MARK- 488/500
No of students appeared: 110
No of 100/100 in Social science: 7, Maths: 1 Science: 12

+2 RESULTS -2015

Total no of students appeared – 83 (ALL PASS)
Top score – 1137 out of 1200
Total no of studnets score above 1000 – 17

The New Indian Express-Coimbatore, 12112013 _DigitalEdition.pdf


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