Project report – Transport fund assistance to Panchayath Union Middle school, Samichettipalayam, Coimbatore Dt, Tamilnadu

Dear all – India Sudar has Provided fund of Rs.10,300 to arrange transport to 45 students of Panchayath Union Middle school, Samichettipalayam, Coimbatore DT whose house is located very far from school. 45 students of this school are coming very deep interior of Coimbatore by local mini bus all these days. Last one month bus service has been stopped and without transport facility, it is very difficult for students to attend school. There is no Govt bus service. Students have to walk for 8 km. Many of the students were about to drop out from school. School requested us to fund for private transport facility for June Month alone. Govt will support transport facility from July 2015 onwards.

Release 2: Since govt supports only for 19 students , the balance amount required for 25 students is provided for transport purpose –July 2015 only.

About school: School is located 25 Kms from Coimbatore. School has sufficient number of teachers. Students are from economically backward family backgrounds. Parents are working in nearby industries. School has 3 campuses. India sudar has been supporting this school for more than 5 years by providing table, chair, motivational classes, transport arrangement etc.

Project report is attached along with the school transport picture.

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