SEBLA -Yearly report-2014-15-with 3639 students -58 schools-2 districts

Dear All,

Indiasudar with the funding support from Asha for education runs SEBLA project in Karur and Thirupur Dt since 3 years.

The yearly report and status updates are available in this mail. We thank ASHA for education , SEBLA teachers and Department of Education for the great success of this project.

AUGUST 2014- May 2015
Total No of Districts: 2
Total No of schools: 58
Total No of beneficiaries: 3639
Total No of experiments at present: 100
Total No of teachers per Thirupur district: 3
Total No of teachers per Karur district: 3

Major Tasks Completed in this year

1. Encouraged students to make their own experimental models for basics of science and started assessing.
2. “Science star award” Certificates and medals were distributed to encourage students who performed well in exhibitions, creating new models, assessment tests.
3. Training on Chemistry was conducted by Indiasudar Volunteer Mrs Shanmukavadivu (Volunteer-No fee)
4. Monthly status report was updated by SEBLA teachers (Google doc- excel sheet). This helps Indiasudar to monitor the progress.
5. Wonderful videos on basic science were downloaded by Indiasudar volunteer Ms Neena Pandey, IIM Bangalore. The 4GB videos covering 150+ experiments have been distributed to SEBLA teachers.
6. SEBLA teachers started guiding students with innovative idea to participate in IGNITE 2015 :National Innovation Foundation – India.
7. Assignments submitted by SEBLA teachers were evaluated by Mr Rajamadasamy, Assistant Professor, National Institute of Technology, Uttarkand.
8. Each teacher’s performance (Subject knowledge, Demo skill) was analyzed byBalamanikandan, Mrs Shanmukavadivu, Mr Udhayakumar, Mr.Rajamadasamy, Mr.Gunasekaran.
9. Two teachers were found unfit for SEBLA project. To replace them, only one teacher (Mr Ravi) has been identified and trained.

We have received Rs. 5,39,165 towards the expenditure for SEBLA project in the year 2014-2015.But amount utilised is 4,87,976 Rs.


S.No Purpose URLs
1. Feedback by schools Attached in thsi e-mail
2. SEBLA teachers’ performance evaluation


3. Low cost models by students /SEBLAL owCostModelsByStudentsPuthupalayamKarurDt?noredirect=1 entsPerformanceGHSSRenganathampettaiKarur stModelsByStudentsReddypalayamKarurDt?noredirect=1 stModelsByStudentsRenganathampettaiKarurDt?noredirect=1 stModelsSEBLAByStudentsThangarajnagarColonyKarurDt?noredir ect=1

stModelsStudentsDemonstrationMiddleSchoolMulanur?noredire ct=1 stModelStudentsDemoKalipalayamSchoolThirupurDt?noredirect=

1 stModelsVellakovilWestSchoolThirupurDt?noredirect=1 stModelsSEBLAOldpoliceStationRoadThirupurDt?noredirect

4. Training at Agastya Foundation


5. Encouragement to Science Award winners Thirupur purSEBLAStudentsTeachersSchoolsAwardDistribution Karur URSEBLASTUDENTSTEACHERSSCHOOLSAWARDDISTRIBUTION

6. Training -Chemistry SEBLATrainingOnChemistryMay2015?noredirect=1
7. Training -Physics APhysicsTrainingMay2015 /albu ms/6075680136208446273?banner=pwa

8. Training to Teacher Training Students by SEBLA teachers rainingToTeacherTrainingStudentsMayanurKarur?noredirect=1
9. SEBLA assessment question papers project


10. Science Exhibitions Links to photos are available in the attached excel sheet.(Sheet A)
11. Assessment Test Marks Excel sheet is attached (Sheet B)

Best Regards,

SHEET A- DATA on experiments , schools , photos 2014_15.xls



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