Great Effort- we should appreciate teachers-Proposal to national innovation foundation of India

Dear All,

“Exploration Is The Engine That Drives Innovation. Innovation Drives Economic Growth. So Let’s All Go Exploring”

As part of SEBLA, our teachers has facilitated students Mr. Nattudurai and Maniyan , 10th std, Govt High School, Manakadavu to submit their proposal to national innovation foundation of India.

This is really a great attempt and we should encourage the teachers behind this.

The title of the invention is TWO BRAKE WIRE CONTROLLER SYSTEM To ensure safe two wheeler journey from breaking the brake wire.The team spent more than 2 months including Saturdays and Sundays….till 10pm. Finally they achieved the results. Complete details will be shared with you after the announcement of results.

Indiasudar has spent Rs.10,000 towards material purchase. Indiasudar wants to encourage the teachers by awarding CASH prize of Rs.5000 to the teachers. We request our members to come forward and donate 5000 Rs for this great attempt.


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