Replacement of Faluty Monitors in Govt High School – Pullukattu Valasai ,Tenkasi Thaluk Thirunelveli Dist,TN

Dear All,

This is the mail regarding Installation of CRT monitors in replacement of Fault LCD monitors ( Unserviceable) ( OTN36) Govt High School , Pullukattu Valasai, Tenkasi Taluk – Thirunelveli Dist

School has more than 500 – and 120 students in +2. School does not have any support from PTA. Students are from poor families. School is situated in a village.

1)fund owner name Mr Praveen – Sr Software Developer . Zoho Technologies and thanks to him.

2)No of monitors Replaced 6 Nos ( 6 LCD Monitors developed display issue and subsequently 6 CRT – 2nd hand monitors replaced)

3)Total project cost in Rs.7600/- ( Rupees Seven Thousand Six Hundred Only)

Please find the attached report for more details.

Thanks & Regards
Anand .M


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