KA – Academic assessment – Navya – SSLC results

Dear friends,

Below are the details of 10th standard – SSLC results secured by Navya, who is being supported by Indiasudar. She has secured 96.32 %

Sanskrit 125 125
English 90 100
Kannada 100 100
Maths 95 100
Science 97 100
Social 95 100
602 625

We give sincere thanks to the Donors who have supported this brilliant student Navya. Navya, her parents and her teacher have expressed their gratitude for the support from Indiasudar.




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  1. Dear Raghavendra Prasad,

    Thanks for your yeoman services to the children who are deprived of fortune. I would like to bring to your notice another girl SriLakshmi who lost her father 5 months back due to cardiac arrest. Inspite her father’s untimely demise, the girl struggled hard and secured 86%. The homemaking lonely mother somehow managing the family and encouraging this girl to concentrate on her studies. Probably she would have performed better but for her father’s untimely death. Her father, Late Ravishankar was working with a travel agent and could accumulate nothing for the family. The family is somehow pulling on without any earnings but now the big question is what to do with the further education of this girl. The mother is running from pillar to post to get some help to get her daughter admitted to a decent college, but no seat available for less than 25K per year which is quite a big sum for the family. It would be very nice if few donors come forward and collectively adopt her for her education. She can be contacted at 9845560751. Kindly suggest how she can get help and support from your team.

    Thanks in advance

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