Academic assessment -Karthik Prasath M B-BE(CSE)-2nd Year.

Dear All,

I am writing to submit academic assessment of the student Karthik Prasath M B who’s being supported by India Sudar.

Name Karthik Prasath M B
Institution BE-CSE-2nd Year,Thiagarajar College Of Engineering, Madurai
Family Background Having one sister studying 12th in Govt school. Family is taken care by her mother. She is doing stitching work and earn Rs.4000 p.m(approx.) They are staying in rented house.
Semester No. 3
Subject-wise mark Credits Grade Results
Engineering Mathematics-III 4 A Pass
Graphics and Visualization 3 S Pass
System Software 4 A Pass
Operating System: Configuration and Use 3 A Pass
Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3 A Pass
Object Oriented Program 4 A Pass
Operating System and System Software Lab 1 S Pass
Object Oriented Program Lab 1 S Pass
CGPA 8.86%

Thanks & Regards

S Muthu Kavin


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