Visit Report and Requirement -GHS Mampalayam ,Namakkal Dt

Dear All

I have visited our onsite Govt High School Mampalayam, Namakkal Dt in Last week of March 2015.

School Strength: 150 Classes: 6th to 10th std

School has secured 100% result in SSLC – 2014.

School has sufficient number of teachers.

Headmaster and teachers are very cooperative and they work even in saturdays and sundays for the betterment of school.
Following are the requirements:

1. Salary for SILAMBAM master. Rs.1500 per month ( Silambam master has been teaching the students since 2013 without any remuneration)

2. UPS – Nos 2 – 1500 per UPS

3. Error Free English Class – 3 days . 6000 Rs – for 3 days program

4. 25 bicycles for schools. Govt does not provide bicycles for students studying in 6th to 9th std. 25 students are coming to schools by walk – 4 kms.

5. CDs for educational activities.

6. Library : Complete set up – Rs. 15,000 including periodicals

7. Toilet cleaning servant : Rs 1500 per month.

Please find the photos @

If anyone of you are interested to sponsor particular requirement, Please contact us!


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