India Sudar KA – Academic Assessment – 1st Year MBBS exam results – Shivanand Sonakar

Dear friends,

Below are the details of 1st year MBBS exam results secured by Shivanand, who is being supported by Indiasudar. He has secured 63.9%

Sub A01 – 258 Marks / 400 MarksSub A02 – 251 Marks / 400 Marks
Sub A03 – 130 Marks / 200 Marks

Total – 639 Marks / 1000 Marks = 63.9%

We give sincere thanks to the Donors who have supported Shivanand in the 1 year MBBS. He is currently in 2 yeas in Belgaum Institute of Medical Science Belgaum.

Please find the attached Mark Card for the same.




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