Welcome to “India Sudar Fund Raising 2015”

Dear Friends,

Welcome to India Sudar 60 days (01-Apr to 31-May-2015) fund raising program. Our budget for year 2015-16 will be Rs.25 laks (minimum). This program target to raise at least Rs.6L which will be 25% of our yearly budget. So that we can execute our project without any issue. Absolutely India sudar members going to drive this program.

Fund Raising Approach:

As a member, you can do fund raising from your personal network, corporate, social network, NGO’s, etc. even you can do fund raising from India Sudar members also.

You can show case India Sudar 11 years project achievement & future plan to raise fund. You can use any India Sudar material (softcopy-doc, ppt, images, brochure, bookmark, website, social network facebook, blog, etc) to demonstrate work. Even you can reate your own material for this fund raising program.

Never matters how much you can raise. But please try out from your known network as much as possible. Your time and money will educate more needy students.

Promotional Material: https://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/IndiaSudarPromotionalMaterial#
About IS PPT: http://www.indiasudar.org/others/about_india_sudar.pps

FB: https://www.facebook.com/indiasudar
Photo Album: http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar
Web: www.indiasudar.org

Donation Process:

1. Please follow the donation process as specified in www.indiasudar.org -> Donate

2. While submitting donation detail in Donation Form (“Click me to Submit INR Donation Detail” ), Please update “Volunteer based Fund Raising Detail” like member code, member name, Fund raising Drive name as “India Sudar Fund Raising 2015”. So that we can track your total fund raising amount.

India Sudar
Udhaya Kumar V | (m) +91-98402-95650
Our Vision “Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education”
Our Mission “Educate 15 lac needy Students from 15 Indian states in 20 years”
Our Slogan “Educate Elevate”

India Sudar Profiles: facebook.png Facebook twitter.png Twitter picasa.png Picasa wordpress.png WordPress

"Own It & Do It"


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