KA – Academic Assessment – Annual exam results – Shravan Kumar R

Dear friends,

Below are the details of 1st PUC – Annual exam results secured by Shravan, who is being supported by Indiasudar. He has secured 87.66 %

Kannada 93 100
English 82 100
Maths 92 100
Physics 89 100
Chemistry 76 100
Biology 94 100
526 600

We give sincere thanks to the Donors who have supported Shravan in the 1st PUC. Looking forward for the same kind of support to him in the next year for 2nd PUC which includes College fees and Tuition fees (for PCMB). 2nd PUC tuition has got started. Requesting for full or partial payment of the Tuition fees.

Tuition fees for 2nd PUC – Rs. 38,000

If anyone interested to support this deserving student (partial or full), please send a mail to ka and nanu.ragu.




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