Quarterly/Half-Yearly Progress Report-Thiyagam Learning centers-Madurai

Dear Friends,

India Sudar deployed 10 teachers to 10 Learning Centers in Madurai, being monitored by Thiyagam Womens Trust. Now they have sent Quarterly and Half-Yearly Mark list of the students.

Please refer the attached mark list document for detail progress of the students.

Name of the Trust : Thiyagam Women’s Trust,Madurai

Number of Learning Centers : 10

Total No of Students : 252

Attached Document : Quarterly/Half-Yearly Report

We sincerely Thank Thiyagam trust, Teachers, our members and Partners for all the initiatives & support.

About Thiyagam Trust:

Thiyagam women trust mainly focuses on activities of disabled women. It creates self-employment for them to enhance the livelihood and addresses issues related to their rights. It also provides Academic assistance with self discipline activities and moral education to rural students of Madurai district.

mark list.xls


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