Tamil Nadu, Chengalpattu, Kanchipuram Dist Government Special Home

Dear Friends,

This is Prithiviraj, recently Joind hands with India Sudar.

I visited Government Children Home for Boys (Juvenile School), chengalpattu on December 20 2014 to identify new requirements for our ongoing project.

I apologize for the delayed post. J

Government Special Home (Juvenile School) @ Chengalpattu

I had a discussion with Mr.Ramanathan (Superdent) about the students mind set and future. He shared his thoughts and his experiences he had with the children.

I also met Dass (School Warden), He showed me students’ class room, their practical training rooms (tailoring center, Electrical Lab) and Vocational training center. Dass helped me to meet all the students.

I interacted with them, I told Suki shivam’s story to them and sung a song for them. It went very well and it was Joyful. I asked them for the things they needed for their learning and sports activities.

We are running Vocational training (Motorcycle training) classes for them, set of students are very interested in the training.


Most of the students asked for Computer to learn Photoshop and other tools. Right now they have only one system (Which is there in Superdent’s desk).

Some of the students asked for Sports materials.

Thanks & Regards,
Prithiviraj T


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