Academic assessment -Siva Priya – Diploma in Textile.

Dear All,

I am writing to submit academic assessment of the student Siva Priya P who’s being supported by India Sudar.

Name Sivapriya P
Institution P A C R Polytechnic College Rajapalayam
Family Background Parents are working in power loom. Mother is patient. Monthly income 4100 Rs. They have own house.
Semester No. 3
Subject-wise mark Marks Results
Fibre Science and Technology 64 Pass
Yarn Manufacture-I 69 Pass
Fabric Manufature-I 47 Pass
Fibre Identification Practical 74 Pass
Yarn Manufacture-I Practical 80 Pass
Fabric Manufature-I Practical 74 Pass
Fibre Testing and Basic Cloth Analysis Practical 57 Pass
Total 465 66%

Thanks & Regards

S Muthu kavin


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