ERROR FREE ENGLISH classes to Teachers

Dear All,

We have arranged ERROR FREE ENGLISH classes to Teachers who work on our onsites in Thirupur and Karur Dt @Vellakovil.

Duration has been extended for 8 days from 5 days based on the teachers request. The class was very interactive and useful to them. This is the outcome of Prof.Haresh who takes these sessions.The way of teaching is excellent!

Now four days were over. Another four days will be conducted later based on his availability. Project report will be shared later.

This session helps our SEBLA teachers to make them comfortable to read science information in English. Approximately 12 teachers got benefited under this project.

Photos are available at

Program Syllabus:

· Intro


Secrets of English fluency

· Steps of Sentence Formation

· Treatise on articles and exceptions to their rules


Parts of Speech

· Comprehensive coverage of all 12 tenses

· Application and behavior of "Singular and Plural" to verbs and nouns

· Sentence formation

· Sentence transformation

· Interrogative sentences

· Plural Forms and Possessive forms of nouns

· Noun Genders

· Active and Passive Voice

· Usage of “could”, “would” and “should”

· Sentence delivery

· Intonation

· Liaizon

· Pronunciation

· Thought Groups

· Comprehension Exercises


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